COBA-NA Executive update

Greetings COBA-NA members!

Please feel free to react to the updates with your
thoughts, comments and suggestions so that the Executive can
better serve its purpose.


The school is in a very bad shape. The school runs on a 2 shift system with about 900 students per shift (60 per class) with

  • Very sparse classroom and teachers’ lounge furniture
  • Boarding home lacking adequate bedding
  • School and boarding home in desperate need of a complete paint job
  • Rudimentary toilet facilities and water system
  • Crocodile in poor shape: though confinement has been enlarged, CK Croc needs caretaker
  • Road has been paved from school gate to Father’s House but lacks drainage system that will prevent erosion.


The following projects, through the funding of member donors,
were implemented in the 2011/2012 school year:

  • Scholarship Fund
    o a SCHOLARSHIP FUND has been established and will be named after The late Gabriel Amara. THE GABRIEL AMARA SCHOLARSHIP FUND will be supported by the generous contribution of six COBA-NA members who have each pledged a
    minimum of $500.00 ($100.00 per year) to initiate the fund.
    Scholarship awards will go to the top five students of the MPSC
    entrance exam results enrolled at CKC and to continue through
    their secondary education at the school. In subsequent years of
    the program, current recipients will have to place in the top
    ten of their class in order to continue receiving the
    scholarship automatically. COBA NA Executive with recommendation
    from the Project Secretary will review and reauthorize or
    withdraw the scholarship at that point. In addition, students
    will submit their annual exam results independently to COBA NA
    Project Secretary and will be verified by staff at the school.
  • The Teacher of the Year Award
    o An anonymous member donor pledged $1000.00 to
    establish this award. The TEACHER OF THE YEAR will receive Le 1
    million, which we believe will serve to not only reward good
    teaching practices but help create a culture of appreciation for
    hard work.
  • Member contributions to these funds can help expand
    these awards and extend their impact

The following projects are currently undergoing a review:

  • Procurement of classroom furniture
  • Procurement of staff room furniture
  • Painting of school buildings and boarding home
  • Computer lab (building, computers, lab furniture)
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