Message from The Steering Committee

We believe that our involvement with Christ the King College does not end when we walk out the gates of the Royal College of the South – that the knowledge we gained at this prestigious school will continue to be important, whichever walk of life we choose to follow.

This year, we have only see this is an opportunity to continue the tradition of the school and to connect with past last few months have been echoed by many. We have consistently heard from old boys and girls across the United States and Canada that we all value the contribution our Alma Mater has made in our individual life paths.

This week November 19-21, 2010, we are therefore grateful for the strides we have made to be here to chat a way forward in an effort to give back to our Alma Mater and our home country, Sierra Leone. Let us encourage each other to be involved in the further improvement and development of the school that it will prepare more people for greater services to Sierra Leone and the world at large. The different roles that each an every one of us will play in the future of COBA North America will, to a large extent, help shape development goals of our noble school, Christ the King College, Bo.

Let us draw from the strength and endurance of our emblem, CK Croc as we embark on a journey to make COBA North America our pride and jewel.

Long live CKC
Long live COBA
Steering Committee
November, 2010

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